Lisa Reeve – Ceramic Artist

Meet Lisa Reeve

A Journey with Clay!

I studied A level Art but found the criticism of my Art Teacher difficult and feeling I wasn’t good enough for a career in Art I went in a different direction. I studied Politics and became a guidance worker for young people.

I returned to my creative side starting with an adult class in drawing and painting at Aquinas College. I attended a number of evening classes, one academic year the college decided to run a ceramics class.  I was instantly hooked, my tutor was encouraging and with her support I quickly mastered the basics and started to develop my style, I now combine all three skills to create new, unique, pieces of work.

Lisa Reeve

Working with clay is so therapeutic I’ve experimented with different clays but I especially like to work with porcelain. I specialise in slab building and plaster mould making. I love hunting in antique and charity shops for vintage bottles and other unusual glassware to make moulds.

I love to bring illustration into my ceramic pieces and my ceramics are hand drawn and painted with underglaze paints and finished with a transparent glaze. Inspiration is taking from the countryside, seaside and visiting new places in the Uk and abroad and of course supporting and following the work of other artists. I attend occasional ceramics workshops leaning and development is very important to me. In January 2019 I purchased my first home kiln, ‘kimmy the kiln’.

I make unique pieces people can cherish and love for themselves or given as a beautiful gift to a family member, friend or neighbour. No two pieces come out of the kiln exactly the same.

I work from the bottom of my garden in a cabin, hence the name Cabin Ceramics.  This is also the setting and name of my YouTube channel which focuses on sharing my journey with clay and ceramic tutorials.

I’d love to know what you think of my work, check out my shop, say hi via the contact form or via social media, you can find me on: