Getting my first home kiln the Rohde Ecotop 43, Top Loading Kiln

Lisa, of Cabin Ceramics, proudly showing off her new home kiln

For some years now I’ve attended ceramic classes and made use of the kilns available to fire my work. The class I’d been to for many years recently changed tutor and wasn’t something I wanted to continue with so I tried a local community class.

Unfortunately before I’d finished the course a very unfortunate accident happened with work I’d spent weeks making, it was dropped and smashed to bits!

As you can imagine I was very upset by this, I quit the course and had to give serious thought as to what I’d do moving forwards.

I’m excited to share that I’ve invested in my own home kiln! It’s the Rohde Ecotop 43, Top Loading Kiln and it’s going to help me make more videos in 2019 as I won’t be waiting so long to fire my work.

I purchased it from and they were brilliant. Before purchase they spent over an hour with me talking me through the features and they included a brilliant controller and a few extras.

If you contact them let them know you’ve done so after watching my video.

The kiln specs are Northern Kilns sent me are:

  • Internal dimensions of 15.75″ x 13.5″ (DxH)
  • 100 mm insulation.
  • Open brick lid.
  • Single gas strut assisted lid opening.
  • 14SWG elements mounted in grooves machined into the side walls
  • KW Rating of 3KW, 13 Amps (plugs straight into a normal domestic socket)
  • Stafford 215 10 programme controller complete with over temp over time safety trip, ensuring economical even firings. A British built kiln and controller, easy to understand and use.
  • Top temperature of 1,320°C.
  • Four layer kiln furniture package – two free shelves as thank you for your custom